Father of LISP and AI Pioneer, Dr. John McCarthy dies at 84

Right after I was told that I have an extension on my Artificial Intelligence homework, and before I got done rejoicing - someone on irc mentioned that Dr. John McCarthy just died. I first heard about him in the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. I was just going over some of his papers on his site and I was going to fix the margins on some of the .pdfs (thankfully he released the original .tex files). If you haven't read any of his papers, check out his website.

After I'm done with my AI class I think I'll reread the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (aka the Wizard Book). I haven't dealt much with LISP outside of academia, but I've always found it interesting.

It really is nice when you reread a book, many years later. You always seem to "get things" in a different way.

I'll leave you with this (John McCarthy is interviewed at 16:40: